Deceased, Monk 1


Chi-ang has long known he has a destiny, and when the weather turned bad, and his rich friends gave him a shot, he rolled really low, a lot, and well, wasn’t that useful.


Chi-ang was sold into permanent indentured servitude, since slavery is bad.

Before that, his parents undertook a great journey so they could have a better life. Chi-ang grew up fast and strong, and showed great aptitude for everything put in front of him. It was in this, his parents saw their salvation, since they arrived in the new world destitute.

Chi-ang has a very nice master, and has made friends. Sometimes his friends even open the window so he can hear what they talk about easier, but usually Chi-ang just cleans up their family estates while they play games.

He slipped on a bridge and drowned, not the destiny he’s always imagined. He should not have hesitated.


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