Wrath of Swords

Citadel Drezen


The Swords entered into the Citadel and began to make there way towards the main vault to try and find the artifact banner. They soon came into a chapel being used by a succubus to defile kidnapped crusaders. As they fought one of the crusaders rogues who had escaped the demons capture and was hiding. She darted out as she was being chased by a wood golem from inside the vault. Once the party had dispatched the golem, they searched the vault, but found the banner had been moved. The rogue introduced herself as Emmabolt and that she had been a scout for Queen Galfrey.

Once they moved deeper into the Citadel they could still hear the sounds of their troops outside doing battle and found a female human barbarian who was the leader of the evil troops having slayed her top captains for doing a poor job leading the cultists against the goodly paladins. When she turned to see the party had infiltrated so far into the Citadel she raged and attacked.

After a fierce battle they over took the barbarian and found a map planning room with half fiend minotaur’s and the main traitor’s brother Joran Vhane. The adventures were soon in another battle. joran.jpg

Soon, the brother fell and the adventures took a short rest. When they moved further into the Citadel they came across to the main keep and found Staunton Vhane and his pet awaiting them.



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